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Our team understands the power of a good story. It starts with a clear message. Video is the way to share that story creatively, invoking a feeling… a feeling of hope and of relief. Video is too costly to get all the detailed information out there. Its best job is to get people interested in learning more. We will meet with you more to discuss the creative approach of these videos.

While I do most of this myself, I know many talented, creative people in the Seattle film and video community and often collaborate. If I can’t do it, I will find you someone who can. I want you to make the best video possible for your needs! Here are the basic steps:

This is everything that happens before the shoot, including determining the content, deciding need of crew and equipment, budgeting, scripting, and coordinating when/where the shoot will be. The tone and concept needs to be fleshed out and the specific content determined. If STILL PHOTOS are needed, a photographer will be set up.

The scripting phase is incredibly important as it serves as the backbone for the video and should be completely done by the time the shoot starts. Alternatively, if the video will be based on interviews, INTERVIEW QUESTIONS should be completed. We strongly advise having everyone who has a hand in the project have a look at the script in this phase. It happens frequently that some people on the team haven’t seen any information about the video until it’s done and then have costly changes.

This is any and all shooting that needs to take place. By this time, the requirements have been decided, usually based on budget and content. Things like: how many shoot days will be needed, how much equipment (i.e. cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting equipment, hard drives, teleprompters, etc.) and crew will be needed. We will give you a comprehensive budget after we have discussed all the parameters.


MATERIALS GATHERED/LOGGED: Once everything has been shot, the gathering and logging process can begin. This may include: video materials, photos, animations, any concepts, any relevant stats that should be used as graphics, any limitations, all specifics about how video will be broadcast or used, specific format options, etc.

EDITING: Once everything has been gathered and logged, video editing begins. Amber has been editing for over 20 years and has worked with several editing systems, the current one being Adobe Premiere. This stage includes recording voice-over narration (if it’s going to be used), finding music/sound effects, creating graphics and/or animation, and putting together the photos, video, and graphics to make the initial ROUGH CUT. This is the first draft of the video. We will post this to the web so that it can be sent to all team members for input. We ask that there be ONE POINT of contact for us regarding changes. It’s impossible to edit “by committee” (and believe me, we’ve tried!), so it’s best to have one person filter all input from your team and gives us one list of changes. We can then make those changes and re-post for final feedback. We often do one more round of final tweaks, and then the video is complete. We are passionate about giving the client what they want and need… so we will do whatever it takes to “get it right!”

DELIVERY/ BACK-UP: The final stage is the delivery of all materials. We will create web-ready versions in several formats. We also make a backup of the project for your archiving. We will retain a copy of the backup as well, so that at any time, if you need revisions or other versions, it will be easy for us to re-open the project.

RIGHTS: The client owns the rights to the finished videos and raw material. Amber and the crew reserve the right to use the video for demo purposes only.

OUR PASSION: Our passion is to use our creativity and experience to create interesting, compelling, effective videos in collaboration with our clients and production partners. We love making videos that shed light on a problem, and offer valuable solutions to help. We love using our talents to help others and value working in a collaborative effort to get the client exactly what they need and want. We will work with you until we get it right!

Visit www.vimeo.com/coppercurl for samples of our work.